PD Day Agenda

Friday February 17, 2023

Intent & Purpose  - SIPSA (Developing the School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement)

SIPSA Data Analysis & SIPSA Development,  SIPSA Development in Teams: 

Junior Literacy Team

Well Being Team

Watch movie: Most Likely to Succeed with Professional Discussion and connections with SIPSA

SIPSA Collaboration with Colleagues

Friday October 7, 2022

PD DAY - Learning Agenda


- Student Well-Being and Mental Health Resources

- HDSB Literacy Assessments:

- HDSB Elementary Literacy Plan

- HDSB Elementary Mathematics Plan

- Training for New Report Card 

September 1, 2022

PD DAY - Learning Agenda


-Welcome & Appreciations

-"A Family That Plays Together Stays Together"

-The First 100 Days

-School Operations

-Health & Safety (ESS Staff Training)

-Self Directed Professional Learning

Topics for PD:

Differentiation, Project Based Learning, Un-grading