PD Day Agenda

PA Day Summary of Activities - October 6, 2023 

Topic: Learning and Growth: Student Literacy and Mathematics



Elementary school teams will engage in learning related to effective practices and strategies for student literacy and mathematics learning and growth. Educators will review the new Language Curriculum and plan for implementation.  They will also focus specifically on reading instruction strategies aligned with the new curriculum and recommendations in the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC)’s Right to Read Inquiry Report. Educators will work collaboratively to develop a greater understanding of high impact instructional strategies for mathematics as detailed in the curriculum as well as the HDSB Math Plan. 

Secondary school teams will focus on effective strategies for teaching literacy across the curriculum, teaching in one stream, reviewing the Grade 9 destreamed English curriculum, assessment for learning and monitoring effective student achievement practices across the curriculum.


The learning will be led by school administrators and school-based staff supported with materials and guidance from the School Programs Department. ​

Learning/Delivery Method

Whole group presentations and small group work