Kindergarten 2021

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

We want to welcome you and your child BTL and we know it can be both an exciting time but sometimes a stressful one with all the unknowns. This year has been a challenging one for all of us but there are many positives that have come out of it. Our staff and students have done an outstanding job to keep everyone safe while making the learning experience enjoyable.

I have continued to see the importance of building positive relationships and this has helped us to support and problem solve during this pandemic. BTL is a community that wants the best for their students. As your child enters kindergarten you will find many routines that the staff promotes to help with this transition. This website link will provide you with a snapshot of all the important information about kindergarten in general and specific information for Bruce T. Lindley. We have included a short video of a kindergarten classroom in our school that can be found on the site.

You will receive more information the week before school starts from your specific teacher including how they will communicate with you and more details with our entry plan. If you have any urgent questions, please feel free to contact the school. All contact information is within the link.

We look forward to seeing the many new faces and have a great summer.

Mr .Pritchard